Monday, July 26, 2010


After posting a Work In Progress photo to The Joint, I received some excellent feedback.

First of all, it was pointed out to me that the hands were way too small! The hand on a real person will measure from the chin to the hairline of their face. The hands on this doll were too small by half. So I made new roughs of the hands.

Another helpful critique was that the torso wasn't quite right. I'm working on that by testing how a larger ball joint for the hip looks. The new, larger ball joint is the wooden knob. Since I only have one wooden knob that size, I'm going to have to fabricate a wax hip joint for the other leg and see how it looks. I'll probably use the wooden knob to make a plaster mold, then cast two new wax ball joints and add them to the upper legs. Stay tuned for more information about that. I've been thinking of making a simple ball joint lathe, so I can make any size ball joint I want to make, without having to have a wooden or plastic knob. Don't worry, it will be a hand-cranked ball joint lathe that can be built in the studio with standard materials.

Finally, the other very helpful critique was that the upper arms need some development. This photo doesn't show any work on that yet. However, it has been noted.

Many thanks to the Doll Artists at The Joint for taking the time to look at my Work In Progress, and critique it. Keep those critiques coming!

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