Sunday, July 11, 2010

BJD Working Drawings

Doll Proportion

After working out some thumbnail sketches, I decided on the one that I liked and made a front and side view of the doll I'd like to make with pencil and graph paper. The doll proportion I decided on was 6.75 heads tall. 6.75 heads tall multiplied by 9cm is 60.75cm. The head will be 9cm from the top of the crown to the bottom of the chin.

Since the finished doll will be about 60cm tall, I had to do some simple arithmetic to convert the 1/4 inch graph paper squares to full-size squares. My graph paper figure drawing was 25.7cm. By trial and error I found that 25.7cm multiplied by 236.4% equals 60.75cm. 0.25 multiplied by 236.4% equals 0.591 which is 19/32 inches. Lucky for me, 19/32 inches is really close to 15cm. So I made the grid squares on the poster board, 15cm.

Next, I scaled up that graph paper drawing into a full-sized front and side view drawing which can be used for checking the sizes of the various parts as they are made. I used a piece of poster board to scale the graph paper drawing up to full-size.

Here is a detail of the graph paper drawing.

In the drawing, I'm guessing at the size of the joints. I won't really know what the joints will actually look like until I make some parts.

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