Thursday, July 8, 2010

BJD Design Considerations

Before getting too involved in sculpting a BJD, it is important to have an idea what I want to do. The three basic sizes of a BJD are 60cm, 40cm, and 30cm. I like the idea of a 1/3 scale BJD, so I've decided to make a 60cm doll.

The next consideration is gender and age. My doll will be female, and a teenager.

There are many different body types, from slender to chubby. I would like a doll that is not too slender, nor too chubby, but still very feminine.

For many artists, the proportion of a figure is estimated in head lengths. A teenage girl may be anywhere from 6.75 heads tall, to almost 7.50 heads tall. I'm going to try and design a doll that is about 6.75 heads tall.

60cm divided by 6.75 is 8.88cm, which is close enough to 9cm rounded off. 9cm multiplied by 6.75 is 60.75cm. That looks good to me.

This is a good start. The next step is make some concept sketches of what I want my doll to look like when she is finished. Then I'll make a full scale front and side view drawing of the doll which will guide me in making all the doll's parts, and help me to keep the doll in proportion.

Enough talk!

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