Saturday, July 24, 2010

Head Armature

Today I worked on the armature for the head. The following photos show what I figured out, using tracing paper, my full-sized working drawing, and cereal box cardboard.

Notice that the skull cap is a separate armature piece.

I also worked some on the joint of the left knee, and filled-in with wax on various other parts. I will fill-in the head next, then continue working on the joints. The head completes making the armatures for all the rough parts of the doll. Once the head is filled-in, I'll be ready to start sculpting this BJD.

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  1. Are you sculpting the head in polyform? It looks like its a cardboard shape filled in with polyform - but that cant be right. now Im thinking that maybe you filled it in with was- but How? I dont get it. Im just trying to figure it out. its my first bjd doll. please help. patti Im on The Joint as patriciaLangston and Den of Angels as PatriciaLangstonps. I would also like to talk with you about using blogger or blogspot, I want to log each step of the progession each day but Ive never written an blog.

  2. It is brown sculpture wax and a cereal box cardboard armature. I am no longer working on this doll. I started a new version of my BJD in January 2012.


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