Friday, July 30, 2010

Hip Joints

I've done some work on the hip joints. Now they are both the same size, and both are made of wax. The new hip joints are the same size as the wooden knob, or about 2 inches in diameter. This photo shows the wooden knob, a wax joint that came from the first leg which has been rounded into a sphere with wax, and the wax ball that was removed from the other leg today.

The next eight photos show the doll standing on the new hip joints. There is no elastic stringing because the torso is solid wax. The torso and the head are held by gravity alone. I am experimenting with photos taken in a more natural light, from a window, rather than the flourescent light in the other room. Today is a partly cloudy day, so the light keeps changing as clouds pass over the sun. I made a stop-motion animation of these eight frames, and it appears at the end of this post.

This is a stop-motion animation of the above eight photos.

The next parts I'm going to work on will be the knee joints.

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