Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lower Leg

First of all, a note about working with this wax: I rub my hands thoroughly with liquid dish soap before I begin. The wax can be sticky, and it is much easier to remove from my hands if I have a barrier layer of soap on them. Make sure to get the soap under the fingernails as well. I just squirt a little dish soap in my palm and rub it all over my hands and under the fingernails until it is dry. It only takes a couple of minutes, and is well worth the time spent doing it. After sculpting, my hands come clean, wax-free, with just some water.

To make the lower leg I traced the front and side profiles from my working drawing, then transferred the tracings to cereal box cardboard and cut them out. The cereal box cardboard cutouts with slots cut out. I made my center lines go through the center of the joints. I'm not sure if that will work, but it is a good place to start. I expect to have to make many changes as this doll develops because she is my first contemporary ball-jointed doll. The only constant is change.

After the slots are cut, the front and side profiles are put together, and fastened with some wax.

Another view of the cereal box cardboard profiles slotted together and fastened with wax.

The hot plate with an old aluminum pressure cooker pan is used to soften the wax. It is turned on low enough to melt canning paraffin, but not hot enough to melt the microcrystalline wax. The soft wax allows me to build up the wax quickly with a knife.

Here's the right lower leg on the right foot, with the generic toilet roll upper leg on top.

Next I'll do the left lower leg in the same way that I did the right lower leg, then I'll work on the upper legs. Since I'm working from the ground-up, the torso parts will come after the legs are roughed out.

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