Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Lower Torso

I finished filling-in the upper legs with wax. Then I traced the torso from my working drawing to tracing paper. Next I transferred the tracing to cereal box cardboard. I made three slots on the front view, and one slot each on three side views of the cardboard cutouts. I fixed these three side profiles to the front view with wax, and will fill in the cardboard armature with warm wax. After it is filled in, I will make the upper torso using the same procedure. This is what the lower torso armature looks like, before being filled-in with warm wax. Note that I've cut-out the areas where I think the socket should go. Since I really don't have any idea how this is going to work, I made an educated guess, and proceeded with the armature. I can always change it later, if I need to, and I probably will need to. Change is the only constant.

Here is the lower torso filled-in with wax.

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