Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More Adjustments

First of all, here's the plan for a simple ball-joint lathe. Make a wooden box. Nail a small piece of wood at each end and drill a hole through the center to make a bearing. Slide a rod through the hole. Make a template of the hemisphere of the diameter ball joint you want. Templates are easy to make from old jewel box cases. File and sand the edges of the cut hemisphere to make sure they are smooth. Place the template so it just touches the rod. I mix up small batches of plaster and dribble it over the rod as I turn the rod. When the plaster builds up to the template, the template scrapes the excess off, leaving a sphere. After it sets up, slide it off the rod, and use it to mold your ball joints. You can now make any size custom ball-joint you want to make. You no longer have to reply on wooden knobs or styrofoam balls bought at a crafts store that never seem to be quite the right size.

Today I worked on making some adjustments to my working drawing. My adjustments are in red ink. I used white-out to erase the unwanted black lines. I'm trying to figure out how to make a three part torso. Now is the time to make the big changes, when everything is still in a rough state. I'd rather not have to radically change a part that I have spent several days sculpting and detailing.

After making some adjustments to the working drawing, I cut into the foot, to make room for a larger ball joint. The other ball joint just seemed a little too small. I'm hoping this one will feel better. I'm thinking that the whole doll's weight is resting on these two joints when she is standing. I'll find out. I'm figuring this doll out as I go along.

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