Thursday, July 29, 2010

Torso Modifications

I am working on this doll a little bit every day. The other day I made some adjustments to the upper and lower torso on my working drawing. Today I acted on those adjustments and made some modifications to the upper and lower torso. First, I lengthened the upper torso 15mm by adding a 1.5x27cm strip of wax to the bottom edge. The strip of wax was cut from a flat sheet of wax. On the bottom torso, I cut 1.5cm off the top, then rounded the torso where I had cut it.

This is a full length view of the doll laid out on the working drawing. I think the torso has a much better shape now. I've decided to stick with a two part torso, rather than make a three part torso at this time. I was considering changing from a two part torso to a three part torso, but changed my mind for the sake of simplicity.

This photo shows the cut I made to the lower torso, and the wax I added to the upper torso.

Another view of the lower torso cut.

The upper and lower torso after being modified.

Another view of the upper and lower torso after being modified.

You will notice that there isn't any sculpting of musculature, breasts, or other details at this time. The doll is still in a very rough stage of development. I feel there is no sense in spending too much time on detail, when I might change something. Now is the time to make all the big changes I want to make. Once all the big changes to proportion and so forth have been made, I will start sculpting detail.

You can see that one hand has been worked on, but all I've done is scraped off some square corners, to make it rounder. There are still no details on the hand. It just looks less like a cardboard cutout, and a little more like a hand. I'll use the hand I've worked on as a reference to bring the other hand up to the same stage of development.

The next thing I'm going to do is work on the hip joints.

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