Monday, July 19, 2010

Upper Torso

Using the same Modus Operandi of tracing the working drawing, and transferring the tracing to cereal box cardboard as before, the upper torso armature is created. The upper torso has a ball joint at the end of the neck, two upper arm sockets, and the socket for the lower torso joint. Compared to the other pieces, it is somewhat complicated. However, enough practice has now been gained, that it is only a minor complication.

Here, the tracings have been transferred to the cereal box cardboard which will be cut out with scissors.

The following pictures show the upper torso from several angles around, partially filled with wax.

Here are some pix with the partially filled-in upper torso on the lower torso. Together thay are about 9 inches (~23cm) tall.

When the upper torso has been completely filled with wax, the upper arms will be started, then the lower arms, leaving the hands and head for last.

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