Monday, August 23, 2010

Doll Patents

There was an interesting post made on the Enchanted forum about the use of spring-tensioning for stringing porcelain dolls. Martha Armstrong-Hand uses spring-tensioning for the dolls she makes in her book, Learning To Be A Doll Artist. Marina Bychkova uses spring-tensioning in her porcelain dolls, and she cites Martha's book. Doll makers who are followers of Marina Bychkova, use spring-tensioning in their porcelain dolls.

The poster at Enchanted said that springs have been used for tensioning dolls for a long time now; that they weren't invented by Martha Armstrong-Hand, and he cited a doll maker by the name of Albert Schoenhut who patented such a system in 1911. Being the curious doll maker that I am, I used Google Patents to search for Albert Schoenhut, and sure enough, found his January 17th, 1911 Patent No. 982,096. Click on the image to enlarge it.

Albert Schoenhut wasn't the only one who patented a spring-tensioning system for dolls, and if you'll follow the lists of citations and references at Google Patents, you can find plenty more.

I ran across the web page of yet another porcelain doll maker the other day, by the name of Patita, and she is applying for a Patent for her spring-tensioning system. Here you can find a summary of the process she uses to make her porcelain dolls.

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