Friday, August 6, 2010

Face 01

Today I started playing around with one of the base faces I made yesterday. I sliced it, diced it, cut eye holes in it, put marble eyes in it, smeared it, carved it, and did all manner of terrible mutilations to it.

Here, you can see it next to one of the base faces. I have so many base faces to play with, I didn't feel any inhibitions to do whatever I wanted to do with this face. I was playing, and in a sense of play, was not attached to an outcome. I have three more waxes and a couple of plastiline base faces to play with. I can make more if I feel like it.

This is a plaster life cast, from an alginate mold, molded over the face of a young woman in 1985. Straws were placed in her nostrils so she could breathe while her face was being covered in the alginate mold material. This alginate was similar to dental alginate that is used to make impressions of a patient's mouth in a dental office.

I've kept this life cast for study purposes. It is one thing to look at diagrams of the planes of the face in a book, and another thing to be able to look at the same book diagrams with an actual face in your hands. If you'll remember, I also have a wax life cast of the foot of a young woman, which I also use for study purposes.

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