Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Face 03

This is a photo of a practice face in progress. I started with a wax base face, and after mutilating it beyond recognition, I cut all the features off, scraped it down to a blank oval, and started over again.

When I started over, I got out my copy of Modeling The Head In Clay, by Margit Malmstrom and Bruno Lucchesi (New York: Watson Guptill, 1979), and referred to the step-by-step photos.

Bruno starts out with some wadded-up paper for a core, over which he fastens some slabs of clay, ending up, more or less, with a blank head shape. Then he rolls out a coil of clay and puts it on the blank face, shaping the coil of clay into the profile of a nose, mouth, and chin. He pushes in depressions for the eye sockets, and adds small coils of clay for the lips. It is fun to see the head of a young woman appear as bits and pieces of clay are added and modeled with his hands, fingers, and various tools; using both additve and subtractive sculpture modeling techniques.

Following his tutorial was very helpful. From the blank wax oval, I found the midway point and drew a line in the wax for the eyes with a needle tool. Above that, I drew another line to indicate the brow. Then I placed a wax coil on the face to indicate the profile of nose, mouth and chin. I used a tool to make depressions for the eyes, then rolled little balls of wax for the eyeballs. Small coils of wax were added for the lips. A small ball of wax was pressed on for the chin.

I'm still trying to find the face I want to use for my BJD. It may take awhile. The face is one of the most important parts of the doll, so I want to get it right.

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