Thursday, August 26, 2010

Plaster Moldmaking 02

The very best plaster mold and model making book ever written.

Plaster Mold and Model Making.
Charles Chaney and Stanley Skee.
NY: Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1978.
ISBN: 0671764675

Whenever you need to tint a layer of a plaster mold, just squirt some of Mrs. Stewart's Liquid Bluing into the water before you add plaster. An older tinting agent was yellow ochre, but you can't buy it at the market easily. When making waste molds of the original clay, in traditional sculpture, the first layer of the waste mold was tinted.

Soap is one of the best plaster mold separators when making multiple piece plaster molds for slip casting. Tincture of Green Soap, or Hospital Soap is one of the best soaps to use.

The best soap applicator I've ever used was a one inch Japanese Hake brush.

I do a little work on my Ball-Jointed Doll every day. Some days, it is hard to see what I've done. Days like this seem to make the process take a long time. it's been awhile since I used my wax pot, yet it was taking up space on my work table where I could have doll parts within easy reach. So today I moved the wax pot out of the way, and put doll parts closer at hand. Every little bit helps! I'm hoping for some more rapid progress now. I'm thinking about plaster mold making, more and more. it is getting close to the time when I'll be making my hollow wax pieces for finishing the doll, so I can make the final plaster molds for slip casting.

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