Thursday, August 12, 2010

Real BJDs

Today I got to see some real Asian BJDs for the first time ever. Up until now, I have only seen ABJDs in online videos and pix. There were 60cm BJDs, down to very teensy tiny BJDs. Some of them were anthro BJDs. Now I'm beginning to really understand what people see in these dolls. Most of the other dolls in the store were non-BJDs and compared to the BJDs they were relatively lifeless. Even though the other dolls in the store were beautifully sculpted, they lacked the ability to pose. It seems that the pose-ability of the BJDs is one of the most provocative things about them. The BJDs make solid, one-piece sculpted OOAK dolls seem lifeless. The main appeal of the ball-jointed dolls is their ball jointedness. Anyway, now I am truly inspired to finish making my own BJD. When working on any project that takes some time to do, it is important to stay inspired, and enthusiastic about it. Today was an inspirational day.

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