Friday, August 20, 2010

Stringing a Porcelain Ball-Jointed Doll

Today I was fiddling with the ankle ball joints and the legs, trying to figure out what I want to do. This is my first 60cm BJD, so I always have some decisions to make. However, because it is the first BJD, I don't have any past BJD making experiences to draw from. I just have to make some educated guesses.

Some questions about how Martha Armstrong-Hand did the stringing on her porcelain dolls came up in a forum today. This is a photo of how Martha used pins, S-hooks, steel springs, and swivels to do the tensioning on her porcelain ball-jointed dolls.

I made this diagram to try and make Martha's stringing method a little easier to understand.

Besides designing the ball-joints, stringing a porcelain BJD is the other technical hurdle that must be solved. While I don't think that my BJD, when it is cast in doll composition slip, will need steel springs for tensioning, I still find it interesting.

The best guide for understanding and designing ball-joints is twigling's Zen & The Art of Articulating Dolls by Using Ball Joints.

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