Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tiny BJD Torso

I'm still slicing and dicing faces, trying different things, experimenting with inserting eyes, and so forth. I still have a long ways to go.

After playing around with faces yesterday, I picked up a leftover wax ball joint, and started hand building up a three part torso around it. I used an old water clay technique of building a hollow form by pinching balls of clay and folding the flattened ball over to build the wall.

The wax ball joint became the mid-section of the torso. The following photo shows a front view of the torso, with hip ball joints in place. The arm sockets have not been cut yet. In this case, the drawing on the envelope was an afterthought rather than the first thing I did. After working free hand for awhile, I realized I needed a better understanding of the proportions of the little figure, so I made the envelope drawing.

Here, the three parts of the torso have been separated.

Another view of the three parts of the torso. The ball joint mid-section only has a hole in one side so far.

At the top are the two hip ball joints, then the upper torso is under them, then the mid-section, and finally, the hips.

This is a back view of the hips and the mid-section (upside down to capture the light).

This is a back view of the whole torso.

This is a side view of the torso bending backwards.

This is a side view of the torso bending forwards.

Bending to the side.

Bending to the other side.

I apologize for the poor picture quality. I tried to adjust the brightness/contrast in some of the pictures with a graphics editor. My ancient digital camera does not seem to take as good a picture as some cell phone cameras do. That's how old it is. Still it is better than nothing at all.

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