Saturday, August 28, 2010

Wool Roving

Today, at the local Farmer's Market, I bought an ounce of wool roving. I'm thinking I can use it to practice making a doll wig.

I found a small bit of information about how Martha Armstrong-Hand made wigs for her BJDs.

Martha Armstrong-Hand preferred to hand-tie the wigs she made for her original dolls. She made her own wig cap a little bit bigger than she eventually needed since the cap gets smaller in the process because of a very slight puckering up as each hair is stitched into the cap. After a lot of trial and error, she found tying each strand to the wig cap worked best for her then was pleasantly surprised that she had independently discovered the exact tying technique used to hand-tie expensive wigs for adults. Yes, Martha laboriously sewed and then knotted each individual strand of silk thread into the wig cap! The end result was a wig which could be brushed and styled without fear of pulling hair out.[1]

Wigmaking is a site that explains how a human sized wig is made. This is their step-by-step guide about how it is done. A human sized wig, made from real human hair, requires from 30,000 to 40,000 knots, and takes about 60 hours to do. Tying the knots of hair in a wig is called ventilation. I'm so glad that the doll head for my BJD has an 8.5 inch circumference, not an 8.5 inch diameter.

I'm also finding some good doll wig making tutorials at Den of Angels.

A contemporary ball-jointed doll maker is a multimedia artist, and wig making is one of the skills of a doll maker. I will be practicing ventilation with the wool roving, but I have a stash of human hair, which I will use to make the final wig for my BJD.


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