Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Some Face Work on Aalish

I cut a new profile of the face from cereal box cardboard and checked to see where I needed to add or subtract wax on the face.

I built up a new profile with small balls of soft wax, warmed in my hand, and kept checking it with the cardboard profile, as well as checking it by actually looking at it (that helps too). Then I started to do a little carving on the face. It really helps to have those temporary eyes in the holes. Sometimes, when the head is just sitting on the work table, and I look over, it seems that she is looking at me.

The temporary eyes have given her so much more life than she had before, that I've decided to name her: Aalish. Okay, so now she has a name!

Name: Aalish
Gender: Girl
Origin: French
Meaning: Of noble kind
Pronunciation: (A lis)
Form of: Alice
Categories: Celtic Names, Gaelic Names, Manx Names
Used in: Gaelic speaking countries
Additional info: This is a Manx (Gaelic language of the Isle of Man) form of Alice.

I have an idea to name my dolls following the letters in the alphabet. So the next (next? I don't have the first doll, yet!) doll's name will start with B, and so forth.

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  1. Hello KW your blog is like a doll library!!!! very nice work!!! thanks for all the help

  2. Hi Gerakina! Thanks for taking a look at my mess. Sometimes I think it is a snapshot of the inside of my head when I remove my skullcap to adjust my eyes. I'm really enjoying following the progress of your doll! Thank you!


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