Saturday, September 4, 2010

BJD Meetup

Today I went to my first BJD Meet-up. A BJD Meet-up is where people who have dolls, and people who are interested in dolls, get together and talk dolls, and show their dolls. It was a lot of fun, and I got to see some real BJDs in person! I was even allowed to hold several dolls. It was awesome! I had some trepidation about going to a BJD Meetup, but after meeting the people and the dolls, I found out that the people were friendly, and the dolls were beautiful. I'm so glad I went. I found out about the Meet-up at Den of Angels. There is a Doll Meet-ups topic on the Forum.

This morning, before going out to do errands, I tinkered some more with the small BJD. I added about 10cm to the bottom of the upper torso, which makes it match the drawing better. I also worked on the upper arms, shortening them, and adding a rubber band stringing to them. The wooden bead head was covered in wax, and some very basic modelling done to it; mainly putting a wax coil profile of a nose, mouth and chin on the head.

I had some time this afternoon, between lunch and the Doll Meet-up to do some more work on my 60cm BJD. I'm still mainly working on the lower legs, but also did a bit of work on the upper torso. Now that I've seen some real BJDs, I know that I'm definitely going to be cutting some off the shoulders of the upper torso.

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