Thursday, September 23, 2010

Carving Wax 03

Long curling shavings can be cut with this carving wax, as well as very thin, almost transparent chips. There is no discernible grain to the carving wax, so it can be cut in any direction with ease.

I scored the slab of excess carving wax with a knife before it got hard. It just snapped apart easily along the scored lines. These small pieces are much easier to handle and melt, the next time I want to use it.

Uh-oh! Small wax BJD is standing on her new feet. The knee joint on the upper leg was flared a little bit, to give the ball more surface area to grab. She continues to teach me stuff about joints.

Here she is, back on her perch, showing off her new feet, and keeping an eye on things.

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