Monday, September 20, 2010

Feet and Faces

I try to do a little bit of work on my doll every day. Today I worked on the feet in the morning, and on faces later in the day. You can compare the photo of the feet here with the photo of the feet in this post.

I tinkered some with one of the oil-clay faces (the one on your left). Those oil-clay faces have really changed since this post.

I carved the eye sockets on the inside of the head today. I have not put any eyelids on the eyes yet. Compare this photo of the face with the photo of the face in this post.

I'm going to have to play around with these eyes until I figure out where they are supposed to go. The eyes have to be just right, not too far forward, nor too far back.

They are looking much better since I carved away some wax from the inside of the head.

I also think that the whole mouth protrudes too far. One of the things I did with the oil-clay head today was play with the mouth. The practice heads are very good for trying out ideas.

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  1. The two oil clay faces are lovely! Wonderful features. What material are the darker faces?

    Wondering where the name atelier poupee comes from.

    Great work!

  2. All the dark faces are made of brown microcrystalline wax.
    Atelier de Poupée means Doll Workshop, in the French language.

  3. So the dark ones have been cast after having been sculpted first in the oil clay?

  4. If you're asking about the small faces, see this post.


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