Monday, September 13, 2010


Today was more of a research day than anything else. I did some reading in twigling's Zen & The Art Of Articulating Dolls By Using Ball Joints[1]. I was looking for ways to string the feet and hands of a BJD, both of which have terminating S-hooks. I was also looking for references about being able to shape the soles of the feet of Aalish. Flat feet pose better, but shaped soles look so much better. Can I have the best of both worlds? Shapely feets and stable posability? Well, maybe I can. I found out that as long as there are several points on a shapely sole that contact the surface, then both are possible. I'm going to try it. Needless to say, I've looked at a lot of feet today, during my research. The nice thing is, none of them were smelly! I thank the gods that web browsers don't have scent features (yet).

[1] Copyright (cc) 2007 Therese Olsen

While I was reading twigling's Zen book, I checked out the links she has at the end of her booklet, and actually found a BJD tutorial that I somehow missed. Also, some of the links were dead, as can well be expected after several years. I marked the errors with an [X]. Here is my list of the links from her Zen booklet:

Make [X]=Error
Google Translate ~
Noah's Doll ~
Haru's Doll ~
Torame's Doll ~ **New to me!**
Futoyama's Doll ~
Oshizaka/Aimi's Doll ~
[X] Shuen's head tutorial ~
Lewis Goldstein ~
Marika Spijkers, sculpting hands and feet ~
Vivien Hoffpauir ~

Be Inspired [X]=Error
[X] (Shi-Ki's Doll +)
[X] (Pat Lillich) (Marina Bychkova) (Look at the elbows, not the gazoongas)

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