Saturday, September 4, 2010

Little Finds

Today I went over to my local JoAnn's Fabric and Crafts store to see what they carried in the way of elastic. I found the following round elastic for $1.59+tax. It was on sale for $0.86+tax per 5yd package, so I bought two packages.

This elastic is a little over 1mm, but less than 2mm in diameter, being closer to 1/16th of an inch in diameter. It stretches about 2.5x a pinched length, i.e. if I pinch 1cm, I can stretch it 2.5cm (1/2 inch --> 1.25 inches). It seems to be very strong for its size. I think it is suitable for stringing small BJDs.

Dritz Round Cord Elastic.
# 9342W
5 yd (4.5m)

Light stretch elastic cord.

* Doll/Baby Clothes
* Buttonhole Loops

Hand wash/air dry or machine
washable/dryable at low temperatures

Fiber Content:
40% Polyester / 60% Rubber

Made in China

Speaking of small BJDs, I have a small wax BJD that I tinker with, off and on. I'm not planning on casting her. She is something I put together from various pieces of wax on the workbench. I may make her in a polymer clay, once I've figured out her joints. The elastic I found should be perfect to string her with, once she is finished in polymer clay.

I started off with some hollow wax balls I had left over from doing the test knee joint. I rolled some solid wax balls in my hands for joints, and pushed a wood dowel through them to make holes. The tubes for legs were made by wrapping a thin snake of wax around a dowel, smoothing the outside of the wax, then removing the tube from the dowel. There isn't much modelling; mostly just basic forms. She is loosely strung with rubber bands.

Today I worked on the lower legs, adding and smoothing wax where needed. I do a little bit on my BJD every day.

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