Wednesday, September 8, 2010


There have been some rumors floating around in the online doll maker communities about a digital version of Martha Armstrong-Hand's Learning To Be A Doll Artist being published by Jones Publishing, up in Iola, WI, USA. The contact person's name is Bill Bright ( I sent an email to Bill, inquiring about the possibility of obtaining a copy of the book, and also asking some questions about some of the rumors I'd heard.

I asked when Jones Publishing had acquired the publishing rights to LTBADA? Bill answered that Jones Publishing acquired the publishing rights to LTBADA in 2001 from Scott Publications, the original publisher of the book (1999).

I asked if the rumor about the book being published in digital format was true, and if so, if the project had indeed been started yet? Bill answered that a project to put LTBADA on DVD had been started late last year (2009).

Bill indicated that Jones Publishing does not have the original galley proofs or production work from the book, and that they have to scan each page and recreate other pages.

I asked about the rumor that layoffs at Jones Publishing had delayed the DVD project? Bill answered that the downturn in the economy had affected the whole publishing industry, including Jones Publishing. He said they had laid off one third of the Production Department to cut costs. As a result, the DVD project has been put on hold, indefinitely. He indicated that Jones Publishing intents to complete the DVD project, but has no timetable to do so under the present economic conditions. They are concentrating all their efforts on their main business, which is their magazines, and other contractual obligations.

He said they will work on the DVD project if they have time to do so. Jones Publishing will not be publishing a printed book at all. The DVD project is on hold, indefinitely. In other words, do not hold your breath waiting for Learning To Be A Doll Artist to be published in any format, anytime soon.

I am following the Table Of Contents from LTBADA and posting my own version of Martha's Method in the Doll making topic at Woodland Earth Studio Forum.. Look for the Martha Armstrong-Hand's Method topic. You can read the forums without registering, but must register in order to post to the forum.

Today I decided to do some work on the upper leg. First I made some changes to the working drawing to see how it would look.

If you look closely, you can see some of the modifications I've been making to my working drawing when I think I want to make some changes to my doll. I usually sketch the changes in pencil, and if I think it look okay, I make the lines in pen. Then I use some white acrylic paint to white out the old lines.

Next, I modified the profile of the upper leg with some wax, then filled in with wax. Here you can see the changes I made, compared to the other leg.

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