Friday, September 17, 2010

Martha's Method: Modeling

Today I posted Chapter 4 Modeling over in the Martha Armstrong Hand's Method topic at Woodland Earth Studio.

The whole idea behind making this series of posts is that Martha's Method, as outlined in her book, Learning To Be A Doll Artist, is available from many sources, both online and in books. The genius of Martha's book is that she put all the information in one place. Since Martha has passed away, and her publisher is not going to reprint her book, and the DVD project has no timetable for completion, I thought it would be nice to collect all the information I could find, and post it at WES.

You can read the posts at WES without being registered. Registration is free. If you register, you can post to the Forums. The real value of a project like this is in the contributions that many people can make. Even asking questions is a way to participate, and make it better. Sharing your own experiences, photos, projects, links, and so forth, will help the project. Hopefully, by the time Chapter 19 has been posted, Martha's Method will be an even better reference for making BJDs than LTBADA.

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