Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pouring and Firing Porcelain

Even though I do not currently have an electric kiln, and it has been many years since I fired one, nevertheless, when I found a book about pouring and firing porcelain dolls, at the local used-book store, I went ahead and picked it up, since it was reasonably priced at $7 USD.

Porcelain Doll Design and Creation: Materials, Techniques, Patterns.
Brigitte Von Messer.
ISBN 10: 0942620275 / 0-942620-27-5
ISBN 13: 9780942620276
Publisher: Portfolio Pr
Publication Date: 2000
Binding: Hardcover

This is a book about pouring porcelain slip into molds to make doll heads, arms, and legs, for sewing onto cloth bodies. It also details firing the cast parts in an electric kiln. There is also china painting information, as well as patterns for making doll clothes. It doesn't have any ball-jointed doll information at all.

The reason I got it is because of the firing and china painting information, which I may find useful as a resource later on. I have other books which detail modelling the doll parts, and making the molds.

Today I did some modelling on the torso of my BJD. The torso is getting closer to being finished. However, after looking at my working drawing today, I think I may trim the shoulders of the upper torso, and make them narrower. That will require some X-Acto razor knife surgery to remove some of the cardboard armature. I'm not planning on removing much; probably about 1/8th of an inch from each side. I'll take another look at it after the surgery, to see if it looks good, or if it needs to go under the knife again, to remove some more.

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