Thursday, September 30, 2010

Susanna Oroyan Books

I just got Designing the Doll by Susanna Oroyan.

It has many nice illustrations of Art Dolls and discusses many different ways to make dolls.

It even mentions Martha Armstrong-Hand, and shows one of her stringing designs for a BJD.

Otherwise, there is not much information about BJDs in the book. I am glad to have it on my doll making reference bookshelf.

Designing The Doll: From Concept To Construction.
Susanna Oroyan.
Lafayette, CA: C&T Publishing, 1999.
ISBN: 978-1571200600

I already had a copy of Anatomy of a Doll by Susanna Oroyan. Designing the Doll expands on concepts presented in Anatomy of a Doll.

Anatomy Of A Doll.
Susanna Oroyan.
Lafayette, CA: C&T Publishing, 1997.
ISBN: 157120024X

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  1. wow Kw stringing tutorial is realy helpfull !!! haha you give the solution !!! your blog is as i say and before a how to doll library !!!!

  2. Thank you, Gerakina! I'm so glad to know that my odd doll journal is helpful to other doll makers. I'm looking forward to seeing your BJD finished soon. All the Best!

  3. thanks Kw i trying to drill her this week...

  4. Gerakina, we must figure out a way to put cores in the doll molds, so drilling will not be so much work.


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