Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tools and Molds

Today I had a dentist appointment, and had an old filling replaced with a new filling. The Dentist said (during the process) that he was a tooth sculptor. Wow! He was working inside of My Mouth!

He was wearing the equivalent of Jeweler's Magnifying Glasses as he was working on me. His assistant passed every tool he needed, to him, at his request. He was using fine drilling machines and drill bits to work on my teeth! It was a small filling, so I declined being numbed with Novocaine. The procedure lasted less than 30 minutes, and I was out of the office without having a numbed upper lip for two hours! The bill was a little less than $200, for less than 30 minutes of work. Well, he is a Dentist, not a doll maker, right?

What do I use to make my BJD? Most of my tools are home-made, or are not from an Art Supply store.

What I do, is look at the Sculptor's Supply Catalogs, and see the various Sculptor's tools, then I make them for myself. If I break them, I get to keep both halves. If I make anything, I can either fix it, or make another one. As an artist, I usually have more time than cash. That's just how it's always been.

Speaking of tools, to me, a mold is just another tool. I've been reading about doll makers dropping their work, on various forums, lately. If you have a mold of your work, at various stages of development, if you drop your work, you only need to cast the work from your latest mold. It is similar to having a backup of your work on the computer. You have made a recent backup of your personal data that is on your computer lately, haven't you?

Have you made a backup of your BJD recently? Why not? Don't you value all the hours you've put into it, so far?

Speaking of backing-up your hours/days/weeks/months of BJD work with molds... handle your molds with care! Keep them out-of-reach of children/pets/people-who-don't care-about-your-work. Value your work! Treasure it. Time is the only possession you have. As you get older, you'll know what I mean.

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