Monday, October 11, 2010

Carving Wax 04

Today I tried a very simple carving wax recipe, and it did not work very well. The recipe I tried was (by weight):

28oz part white pillar candle wax
28oz baby powder talc

This recipe makes a carving wax that is much too brittle. I think the candle wax can be used as a substitute for paraffin in the recipe I used before. Otherwise, just the candle wax and talc do not work very well at all. I thought they would work okay, and they do not. I will try to modify this batch of carving wax the next time I melt it, by adding either microcrystalline wax, or a small amount of petroleum jelly.

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  1. hi is brown microcrystalline wax and white micro wax the same?

  2. Hello, I do not know if white microcrystalline wax is the same as brown microcrystalline wax. I purchased my brown wax many years ago from Petrolite Specialty Products Group, Bareco Products in Oklahoma, USA. It is called Victory Brown. Perhaps that information will allow you to find the comparison information you are looking for?


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