Friday, October 1, 2010

Checking the New Working Drawing

Today I laid out the doll parts on top of the new working drawing to see what I need to change.

I added some wax to the back of the head to build it out some, but otherwise, the head will stay the same head length. The neck may have to have a little more wax on it. It is hard to tell from this photo. The upper torso will need to have about 3/4ths of an inch length added to it. The lower torso will also need some length added to it.

The arms need larger ball joints at the shoulder, elbows, and wrist. The hands need to be shortened in length, but otherwise are okay. Both the upper and lower arms need more wax added to them, to make them bigger in diameter, as well as some length added to them.

The upper legs are okay. The lower legs need to have some length cut off. I'm thinking I'll do the cutting up around the knees. The feet are okay; they just need to be finished sculpting so I can cast them in rough shell molds in preparation for casting them in carving wax.

Speaking of carving wax, I finally got around to cutting a slot in the large ball joint of my carving wax test part that is strung with very thin elastic. This elastic is very thin, but it is very strong. When I tried to string my brown wax BJD with it, this thin elastic cut through the brown microcrystalline wax. However, it does not cut through the carving wax! This photo shows the slot from one angle.

This photo shows the slot from another angle. This carving wax is very tough stuff! It is almost like working with resin, except I can add and subtract carving wax easily, as well as cut, carve, drill, saw, and sand it much easier than resin.

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