Monday, October 4, 2010

LTBADA Reprint

EDIT 20110407: The date that Learning to be a Doll Artist will be available is UNKNOWN at this time. The original release date was January 2011, then that was changed to March 2011, and now the Reverie Publishing site says Summer 2011.

Today I got an email from Tom Farrell, Managing Partner Reverie Publishing Company. I talked to Tom on Saturday at the Doll & Teddy Bear Expo 2010.

In the email, Tom says he made a deal with Joe Jones, President of Jones Publishing, to purchase the rights to Learning To Be A Doll Artist by Martha Armstrong-Hand. The email also stated that he has added it to the Reverie website where it is available for pre-orders now.

Here is the information I have:
The book will be ready for shipment in January 2011.
It will not be available on Amazon until July 2011.
The cover price will be $25.00 .
Pre-orders will receive free shipping via United States Postal Service Priority Mail.

This is the webpage to make the Pre-order for the book:

When I was at the Doll & Teddy Bear Expo 2010, Tom Farrell was the first doll bookseller I talked to. We discussed BJDs, Learning to be a Doll Artist, and the Yoshida Style Ball Jointed Doll Making Guide.

The next book seller I talked to was Joe Jones, the President of Jones publishing, the publisher that was going to make the DVD version of the book. He told me he would look into what was holding up the DVD project; that he wasn't aware there were problems with getting the project finished.

When I got home from the Expo, I wrote to Tom Farrell, to give him some information about the Yoshida book, because he had expressed an interest in publishing an English version of it; and I wrote to Joe Jones at Jones Publishing, to encourage him to finish the DVD project.

It looks like my enthusiasm for Martha's book has had some results?
I sure hope so!

Tom Farrell was in a booth at the Doll Expo that was filled with doll collecting books, doll making books, and all sorts of doll related books. He is legitimate as far as I can tell. I just hope he can get the book actually published! He is going to REPRINT the book in dead-tree form!

Learning to be a doll artist : an apprenticeship with Martha Armstrong-Hand.
Martha Armstrong-Hand.

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