Thursday, October 21, 2010

Plaster Mold Making Tool - The Work Surface

Traditionally, the best working surface is marble; also very good is plastic laminate sheet, such as Formica, which can be mounted to the tabletop. Either material will provide a fine, smooth surface on which to cast, and will take pencil marking well, which is necessary in laying out guide lines. Some craftsmen use a sheet of heavy plate glass as a work surface. Plaster Mold and Model Making. Chaney & Skee. p.14.

I have a piece of heavy plate glass, 22"x22"x0.5", mounted on a plywood modeling board.

Here it is leaning against the easel.

This is the back of the plywood, showing the strips of wood that make it easy to get my fingers under the board, for moving it.

This is the plate glass on a modeling stand, made from an old floor stand for a fan. That cast iron base is good and heavy. It can be raised and lowered.

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