Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cardboard Ball Joint Armature

Previously, I have made wax ball joints with a two piece, slotted, cardboard armature. Now I'm thinking of adding an extra piece for making more precise sphere forms for the balls. These armatures are created with cereal box carboard, a compass to draw the circles, and scissors or X-Acto razor knife to cut out the cardboard shapes and slots. The yellow and blue circles are slotted together first, and fastened with wax pellets. Then the red and green pieces are added, and carefully fastened with wax pellets. The important thing is to get all the planes at right angles to each other. Once fastened together, wax may be heated in the wax pot, and the quadrants in each hemisphere can be filled with warm, soft wax. Finally, the surface is smoothed, and a two-piece plaster mold can be made for casting carving wax of ball joints.

This idea should work for any doll maker, using simple, readily available tools and materials. A fancy box turner is not needed.

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