Sunday, November 21, 2010

Having Some Fun With A Wig

Aalish has been wearing some 14mm plastic eyes that I removed from a Chinese porcelain doll that I bought for $2.50 at the Thrift store awhile back.

Today I remembered that the doll is wearing a wig that is very close to Aalish's head size. So, in the spirit of fun, here are a couple of photos of Aalish wearing a wig.

This photo was taken without the camera flash.

This photo was taken with the camera flash.

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  1. wow looks scary .... the dark skin and that green eyes... i think the color is realy a but choice..:)

  2. Thank you, gerakina. You must imagine her with a pink skin and green eyes. The doll composition slip which she will be cast, has a pink color.

    I will be making a wig for Aalish after she is cast. However, it will probably be a blondie wig.

    Also, I have 16mm eyes for the finished doll, and they are green.


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