Thursday, November 11, 2010

Looking At Faces

Sometimes, just adding a small feature, such as an eyelid can change things enough to see something new. This is one of my practice faces, and she is the closest to what I want Aalish to look like, from all the practice faces I've made so far

This is a side view...

And this is another side view. None of these photos look like the wax I see when I'm holding it in my hand. The camera is wicked like that.

However, after looking at the photos, I can now see that one of the things that the full-size face needs is more roundness to the cheeks. Also, the eyes and nose need to come down a little bit. Where are her ears? She has ears, but they need to come forward! The camera is monocular, and I am binocular, so while the camera can't see the ears, I can!

It is very difficult to be critical with one's own work.

Nevertheless, it is a skill that must be developed. There is also something about the mouth that is not quite right, yet. Obviously, a lot of work still needs to be done for the face. I'm thinking that maybe I need to make a mold of the face, and cast her, to get rid of the armature? I'll think about it.

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