Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Modeling The Torso

Having made the rough shell mold of the old upper torso, it is now free for modifications. As you can see from the photo, most of the plaster washed off easily, due to the soap parting agent used when making the mold. Both the lower and upper torsos needed to be lengthened by about 19mm. With the lower torso, I cut it in half, hollowed it out, then added the 19mm between the two halves. I did not hollow out the upper torso yet. Really, all it needs are a couple of holes drilled through the arm sockets, and a large hole drilled in the torso cavity, with a smaller hole drilled through the neck, into the torso cavity. Of course, it will be hollow when I cast the finished parts in doll composition slip. In this photo, you can see me adding a 19mm strip of wax, cut from a flat piece of wax with my knife. I am attaching the flat piece of wax with wax pellets on the inside of the doll. The strip of wax is long, and it is about 4mm thick. I soften the wax pellets in my fingers, then press them into place, supporting the strip with my hand, so it stays where I want it to be.

Here is another view of the 19mm wide wax strip being added to the torso.

Finally, I have attached the wax strip all around the torso. I cut off the excess, then join it with wax pellets at the seam in the back.

This is what it looks like from the front. You can see the wax pellets inside the torso, where the wax strip is attached to the torso.

Now I am starting to model the torso. I put the upper torso and the lower torso together, and held them up to my working drawing to get the angle right. This is the front view of the torso.

This is the back view of the torso. Yeah, there is a big pellet of wax in the back, holding the upper and lower torso parts together.

This is a front and side view. On the old torso, I had cut off some of the shoulders. Here you can see that with the new torso, I'm adding back what I cut off, in order to make the shoulders wider. I have not cut the arm sockets yet.

This is the back, side view of the torso. The lower torso now looks like it is too long, but that is because I have not added the hips yet. The hip sockets will stay the same size, but the hips above the sockets will be built-up 12mm to 14mm wider. I am still working from the working drawing, and there is still much to do!

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