Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Turning Ball Joints

Today I turned some ball-joints using brown microcrystalline wax.

This is a small turning box that uses a Jewel Box CD cover for the template. I used a compass to draw concentric circles on some graph paper which was then rubber cemented to the bottom of the jewel box cover. Then I used a jeweler's saw with a 2/0 saw blade to cut out the smallest circle. After turning the first ball, I removed it from the bamboo skewer and cut out the next concentric circle. I used a file to smooth the cuts. I add wax to the skewer until it scrapes against the jewel box cover. Then I add wax to the low spots until there are no more low spots. Because each concentric circle is one eighth of an inch larger than the one before it, each turned ball is on quarter inch larger in diameter than the previous one.

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