Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wax Balls For Shoulder Joints

Today I soaked the plaster molds in water until they were saturated. I removed the molds from the water and dabbed out the excess water inside the mold. Next, I put the mold halves together and put a rubber band around them. I had melted some brown microcrystalline wax in a pot, then poured some into a pouring can with a lip on it. Holding the mold over the wax pot, I poured molten wax into the mold in a steady stream. When the wax had thickened enough, but not enough to block the hole in the spare, I emptied the excess back into the wax pot. I submerged the mold with the wax casting into water, then removed the rubber band, opened the mold, and removed the wax casting. Leaving the wax casting in the water, I took the mold and dabbed out the excess water inside the mold, then repeated the process to make a second ball. In the following photo, one wax ball has been trimmed, and the other one is waiting to be trimmed. These balls will be incorporated onto a cardboard armature for the new arms.

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