Thursday, December 9, 2010

Moulage Head Mold Nº 2

I made a spare for each piece from oil clay and attached them to the molding table. This is the formica-topped table with the vibrator attached to it.

It is best to melt the moulage in a double boiler. The instructions say do not melt the moulage in an aluminum container, so I leave it in the glass jar I store the moulage in to melt it.

I put the tin can coddles around the head parts.

I sealed around the bottoms of the cans with oil clay.

This is a close-up shot of the moulage melting in the double boiler.

I added some water to my moulage to make the mixture about the consistency of pancake batter. Then I turned on the vibrator and poured the melted moulage over the head. After pouring, I turned the vibrator off. The moulage was about 130 degrees Fahrenheit when I took it out of the double boiler. I poured it at about 4:45 PM. I'm sorry about this picture. I forgot to readjust the close-up knob after taking the last picture, and I didn't notice it being out of focus. You can get the general idea, anyway. The moulage filled the can with the head in it. I didn't have enough left over to do the skull cap. I'll do it later.

Tomorrow I'll demold the head and see what happened. If it came out okay, I'll melt and pour some carving wax into it. This is an experiment, after all. I've always made two-part molds with moulage before. This is the first time I've tried making a one-piece mold.

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