Saturday, December 11, 2010

Moulage Head Mold Nº 4

I removed the brown wax skull cap and oil clay spare from the moulage mold. I cut the mold with a knife instead of tearing it open. This morning I melted some carving wax and poured it into the moulage mold for the skull cap that I made yesterday. Since it is a skull cap, I did not have to pour any excess wax out, since it is a solid piece.

Tah-dah! One carving wax skull cap has been successfully cast.

This is the inside view of the skull cap.

Afterwards, I cut the moulage mold into cubes about one half inch square, and store them in the sealed jar to be remelted and used again for another mold. The moulage has a consistency of a cheese, like paneer.

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