Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Aalish On The Working Drawing

This is the current state of completion that Aalish has attained, as of today. Aalish has a total of 16 brown wax parts, so far: head and skull cap, upper torso, lower torso, upper arms, lower arms, hands, upper legs, lower legs, and feet. The ball joints are not free floating, but are attached to the lower parts. The feet, hands, and head will be terminating joints. I have purchased 16mm green eyes for her.

I have made plaster rough shell molds of several of her parts, and I have cast carving wax into the rough shell mold of her lower torso. I also have a carving wax head and skull cap that were cast in moulage molds.

At this time I have almost finished the feet to the point of making rough shell molds of them, so I can cast them in carving wax. All the final smoothing will be done on cast carving wax parts. Once all the parts have been cast in carving wax, and smoothed, I will use those parts to make the plaster molds for slip casting.

Yeah, I still have some ways to go before I'm finished with this BJD. Once I have finished the plaster slip casting molds, I should be able to cast up to ten BJDs for stringing, eye insertion, face-ups, wigging, clothing, shoes, and accessories. From not having any BJDs, I will have a family of BJDs. That is my goal.

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