Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Crochet Wig Cap

I saw a crocheted wig cap on Ravelry, a Knitting and Crochet community. I know how to knit, but I do not know how to crochet, yet.

It is started by crocheting a Magic Adjustable Circle/Loop. Then it is crocheted with double crochet and increase stitches.

The same technique is used to make crocheted skull caps for humans.

From what I've learned, so far, crochet is less flexible than knitting.
That is good, because I would want a less flexible wig cap for my BJD.

I have put the tulle wig cap on the back burner, for now, because I think I will like this crocheted wig cap better. The tulle just seems too fragile. I don't know. I'm figuring it out as I go along.

Anyway, I have been watching some YouTube videos on how to crochet the Magic Loop, and make the double crochet stitch. Fortunately, I have some crochet hooks in my knitting bag, and some yarn to practice with, in my yarn stash. I am going to learn how to crochet by making a crochet wig cap. I am still very awkward manipulating the yarn and the crochet hook, but that is a part of the learning curve.

When I get the wig cap finished (I will have to make it fit a 60cm BJD), the hair will be put on the wig cap by knotting it, the same way as human hair wigs are made. See my previous wig posts by clicking on the wig label at the bottom of this post.

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  1. I myself have attempted this method five times. Each time the headcap would fit just fine when it was "naked." Once the yarn "hair" started to be applied, however, the wigcap would stretch, and no longer fit the doll's head.

    This is just my experience, though. I know it's worked for others, but for the life of me I haven't been able to get it to work.

  2. Thank you for the heads-up! I will ask about this problem you have mentioned. So far, I really like the way the wig cap looks, even though I have not made one for my BJD yet. I am still learning how to crochet. I am learning with a 3.75mm hook and worsted weight acrylic yarn. When I start making the actual wig cap, I am thinking I will use a cotton lace weight crochet thread, and a much smaller hook. I don't know yet.

  3. re: wig cap for abjd
    2011-01-13 6:00 PM
    Nyasha @ Ravelry wrote:

    If the wig does stretch, you can do a couple of things. You can thread a string or elastic through the last row of stitches, which you can tighten to fit your doll’s head and then either sew or knot into place. You can also sew a length of elastic to the inside edge of the wig to achieve the same effect.

    I think the amount of stretch depends on how much yarn you use for the hair, and how long it is. I didn’t have any problems with the stitches getting longer, but I did notice the cap widening, so I used elastic to tighten back to the right size. That’s the simplest method to fix it I think.


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