Monday, January 3, 2011

Doll Dress Form

Today, after working on the feet for awhile, I made a dress form for a BJD. This is my first dress form, and it was inspired by some articles at the online Threads magazine, as well as some videos on YouTube. A dress form is used when making clothes for the BJD.

First of all, I covered the torso in a thin plastic bag. Then I used masking tape to apply tape over the torso, starting below the bust, working down, then working up. Here is the wax torso inside the first layer of masking tape.

Left side view.

Back view.

Right side view.

After layering three layers of masking tape over the whole torso, I made a cut down the back, and removed the wax torso. Then I taped the cut back together with masking tape. Finally, I stuffed the masking tape dress form with plastic grocery bags, using a dowel to get the bags down to the bottom of the form.

This is the stuffed dress form.

Things to do are to make a stand for the dress form. I saw one video where the person used lamp parts to make a scaled-down version of a dress form. I will probably use a block of wood and a wooden dowel, and insert the dowel in the dress form and tape it in place.

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  1. Great idea stuffing it with grocery bags ... can't wait to see the clothes you make for it :)

  2. There are two weights of plastic bags stuffed in the dress form. The carry-out plastic grocery bags are larger and heavier, so I put most of them in the lower torso part of the dress form. As the stuffing got up to the upper torso part of the form, I used the thinner bags from the produce department, so I could fill in the breasts more easily. A dress form is not necessary to make clothing for a BJD, but it will allow me to stick pins in it when I am draping fabric to make a pattern.

  3. Hello,
    I would like to know, do you sell the dress form ? ^^
    It's cute... hihi

    1. I do not sell the dress form. You should be able to make your own. It is very easy to do. (^_^)

  4. Great work!!! This is just lovely, and the very thing I've been looking for. Would you mind if I asked a few questions about your experience with this dress form?

    Do you think it would travel well? Also, how accurate in measurements ? I wanted this for very form fitting clothing.

    Thank you so much for your time^^

  5. This dress form is very simple and quite sturdy. I think it would travel well. The measurements are quite accurate, since it was made directly over the doll, with only a thin plastic bag overlay on the doll, to keep the masking tape from sticking to the doll. It is stuffed with thin plastic grocery bags, so there is nothing that can be damaged, really. You should be able to make a set of slopers over this dress form very easily. I like it because I can draw on the masking tape with a permanent marker, and I can stick straight pins into the dress form. Three layers of masking tape made a sturdy dress form for a doll, for very little money. I will be making another one for my new doll when she is finished.


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