Friday, January 28, 2011

In The Molding Studio Again

Note: I started this post in the morning, and added new photos throughout the day. If you read the post early, you may have missed the rest of the post. :D

Today I am in the plaster molding studio again. I'm working on a plaster rough shell mold of the left upper leg. These pictures show several views of the oil-clay spare.

Next, I cut out a cereal box cardboard build-up and stuck it on the leg at the parting line with some oil-clay. I put some clay under the leg to keep it from rolling around.

Then I applied the soap separator (1 part liquid soap to 1 part water) with a soft brush.

I mixed plaster and applied it over the leg and build-up. I mixed small amounts of 0.50 lbs of water to 0.75 pounds of plaster, mixed it by hand, and applied it by hand, patting it gently so it would go into all the details. It took three batches to make this half of the mold (1.5 lbs of water to 2.25 lbs of plaster, total). Here it is with the first batch applied.

When that set up, I turned it over and removed the cardboard build-up and the clay.

Next, I carved registration keys, and applied the soap separator to all plaster surfaces, and some to the doll part as well.

Then I reused the pizza box cardboard coddle from the last mold. It was still good for one more go. I mixed more plaster and poured the second half of the mold with the vibrator running. This time I mixed 1.0 lbs of water to 1.5 lbs of plaster.

Here, the second half of the mold has set up. I have already removed the cardboard coddle.

I opened the mold with a knife and hammer, then removed the wax original, Because I put some soap separator on the wax original, it will clean up easily in some water.

Finally I beveled the edges of the mold, using a Surform tool.

The last thing I do is put some bands around the mold, so it will not warp, then store it in a nice dry place.

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  1. Hi there :o))
    I was wondering if you could tell me the name of the wax you use ... and also was wondering how you use it... sorry for the silly questions but I'm just starting out in this field and well I have no idea LOL

  2. The name of the wax is Victory Brown. It is microcrystalline wax, a traditional sculpture material. I am using it as a modeling material, much in the same way you might use oil-clay as a modeling material. If you have time, go back to the start of the weblog (July 2010) and follow the progress of this BJD from the very beginning. There is a lot of technical sculpture information here. I use it as a reference, myself. (^_~)


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