Sunday, January 30, 2011

Latching The Yarn Wig

I found a latch tool at the discount store for $0.99 cents the other day. I'm going to try and use it to latch the yarn to the wig cap. The first thing I need to do is make some lengths of yarn. I use a book to do this by wrapping the yarn around the book, then cutting it on one side with some scissors.

Once the yarn is cut, I need to un-ply it. This is Caron 4-ply worsted weight acrylic yarn. I use a clothes pin as a weight to help un-ply the yarn. The clothes pin grabs about 3mm of the end of the yarn.

Next grab 2 plies in one hand and 2 plies in the other hand, and gently pull them apart. The clothes pin rotates and keeps the plies from knotting up. Then do the same thing with each of the 2-ply pieces of yarn.

I end up with four pieces of 1-ply yarn.

I am latching 2 plies of yarn, doubled over. The resulting knot has 4 plies.

I push the latch tool through a strand of yarn on the wig cap so that the latch goes back. Then I grab the middle of the doubled over 2-plies of yarn with the hook.

When I pull the yarn through, the latch is caught by the strand of yarn, and it closes, so I can easily pull the yarn through.

Then I make the latch go back with the loop of 2-ply yarn, which is on one side of the latch, and I grab the middle of the 4-plies with the hook.

When I pull the 4-plies through the loop, the latch closes, and I pull the 4 plies all the way through the loop, making a knot.

Here is the knot of yarn in the wig cap, with the resulting 4 strands of 1-ply yarn.

Here, the first row of yarn has been added to the wig cap, all the way around.

This is the latch tool with the latch open.

This is continued until the wig cap has been filled with yarn.

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