Friday, January 21, 2011

Dress Form Measurements Nº 1

Today I did some reading about measuring a BJD for making clothing. I like the dress form I made because I can draw on it, and stick pins in it. All the studying I am doing now is just practice. The Aalish BJD will shrink after curing, so none of the measurements I am taking now will be correct after she is finished. I am learning about it now, so I will be able to start making clothes for her when she is finished. I am going to practice making a basic sloper, or basic block, which consists of a bodice front, a bodice back, a skirt front, a skirt back, and a sleeve. When Aalish is finished, I will already have a good idea of how to do all these things, and I will start by taking new measurements, making a new basic sloper, then making her a nice blouse and skirt to go with her knitted stockings.

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