Thursday, January 20, 2011

Modern Pattern Design

I would like to point to this online book by Harriet Pepin, titled Modern Pattern Design, from 1942 at VintageSewing.Info.

It is like getting two books in one. One, the pattern design information is very good. Two, you get vintage pattern making information from the early 1940's. Learn how to measure your BJD, and make patterns for vintage 1940's clothing for her. I saw a very favorable review for this book at Amazon.Com, then found this online copy of the book. I think the whole VintageSewing.Info site is worth taking some time to look at if you are interested in making your own patterns, for vintage clothing, for your BJD.

Another highly recommended book about making patterns is Make Your Own Dress Patterns by Adele Margolis. This one has been reprinted by Dover.

The final highly recommended book about pattern design is Patternmaking for Fashion Design, 4th Edition by Helen Joseph-Armstrong. Evidently, this book is used as a standard textbook in many fashion design schools.

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