Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dress Form Measurements Nº 3

Taking the measurements.

Evidently, dress form measurements are taken in a specific order, which is usually memorized. Since I am not planning on being a full-time tailor, I will use these notes to remember with.

From: Modern Pattern Design by Harriet Pepin, 1942. http://vintagesewing.info/1940s.html

All the vertical measurements are taken on the same side of the dress form, front and back.

  1. Center Bodice Length: A to B. 12 cm.

  2. Full Bodice Length: C through G to line B-F. 16.2 cm.

  3. Across Measurement: Taken on the chest between A and G, at about the middle of the arm socket, from the edge of the arm socket to the line A-B. 6 cm.

  4. Shoulder Point Width: Put the tape on D-D, and measure straight across to from D to line A-B. 6.5 cm.

Taken in small steps, these measurements are not as complicated as trying to learn all of them at once.

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