Monday, January 24, 2011

A Wig Tutorial For Everyone

Today I was at the Den of Angels' Workshop > Sewing, Wigs and Jewelry Making, etc. topic, and found this wonderful link to a Yarn Wig Tutorial at Flickr. This tutorial explains exactly how to make a BJD wig, the way I want to make one! Many thanks to Teadesu from Estonia, for pointing to this link.

Teadesu also has a very nice tutorial on DoA about making a Halterneck ruffles - Top ||TUTORIAL ADDED|| . This tutorial shows how to take the measurements of your BJD, translate them into a flat paper pattern, then sew the pattern to make a gorgeous halter top with ruffles. After reading more of her posts, I found out that Teadesu went to school to learn sewing, and is technically qualified to be a full time tailor.

It is so wonderful to find so many talented people in the BJD community willing to share their expertise!

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